Aromatherapy Massage

for Sports Enthusiasts

Aromatherapy massage for sports enthusiasts


​This is a treatment that uses essential oils to provide physical and mental care for the purpose of early recovery from fatigue, care for sports injuries, prevention of injuries, and improvement of stress-induced disorders . The components of essential oils penetrate into the body via two routes. One goes from the nose to the brain, and the other goes from the skin to the blood vessels and goes around the whole body.


  After counseling, a qualified therapist of the International Federation of Aroma Therapists (IFA) will perform blending and treatment according to the client's mental and body conditions.

Purpose of treatment:

(Body) Fatigue recovery, pain relief, purification of fatigue substances, injury prevention, muscle flexibility recovery, blood flow promotion, injury prevention

(Mental) Autonomic nervous system adjustment, continuous improvement of concentration, tension relief, refreshment, stress care

30 minutes    4,000 yen (Care for intensive points of concern)

45 minutes     5,000 yen (Intensive care for 2-3 points of concern)

60 minutes     7,000 yen (Care mainly for areas of concern) 

90 minutes   10,000 yen (Full body + head, face points)

* It takes about 30 minutes for counseling + essential oil blending and changing clothes.


Foot bath (10 minutes) 500 yen

Lifting-up facial (20 minutes) 2,500円

Tax included

​Crafting self-care items with essential oils


Let's craft self-care items with abundant high-quality organic essential oils for fatigue recovery, muscle care, infectious disease control, mental support, etc.

The price (starting from 700 yen) depends on the item.

* Items: sprays, gels, balms, massage oils, etc. ​​

Contact us for organizing workshops with your sports team, friends and in your community.

​Our salon's speciality

* High-quality organic essential oils and carrier oils are used.

* About 40 types of essential oils, including essential oils that are not used in normal aromatherapy are available.

* Based on Swedish massage, we have adopted a deep tissue technique that works effectively on muscles.

* We also offer body maintenance with next-generation machines. (For details, please see the body treatment page.)

* Treatments for skin problems (stains, wrinkles, sagging) caused by such as UV rays are also available.  (For details, please see the facial treatment page.) 

* It is open from early morning, so you can visit while running in Kannai area.

Aromatherapy is not a medical practice. The treatment is done for the purpose of relaxation and health and body maintenance.