For Special Day


We take care of your face and body for special occasions such as bridal, commemorative photos, alumni associations, and recitals. We will provide 30-1 hour counseling (free of charge) to listen to your request, and decide the course content and schedule. We will also give you advice on care at home until the day of the event. Both facial and body treatments are included each time.


Last minutes 1DAY course (160mins)

25,000yen (tax included)

We will mainly treat the areas where the skin is exposed when wearing the dress.


1MONTH Course   (140mins x3times)

58,000yen (tax included)


2MONTHS Course (140mins x6times)

96,000yen (tax included)

We will provide a total treatment for the best physical and mental condition on the day of the event.


(Course content example)

Facial, neck, décolletage

Back care

Finger, hand, arm keratin care

Upper arm slimming


WINBACK treatment