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Privacy Policy

At THE PEARL SALON, we strive to manage and protect your personal information.

When using the services of this website, we may ask you for personal information that is necessary for your inquiries and reservations. THE PEARL SALON recognizes the importance of your personal information and manages and protects it according to the following standards.


1. We may ask you for personal information by conducting a consultation to decide the content of the treatment, but in any case, we pledge that we will not divulge the personal information received from the customer or leak the treatment record to the outside.

2. We will strictly manage the operation record so that it will not be seen by others.

3. We will promptly disclose or delete the operation record when requested by the customer.

4. Information will be provided by e-mail or direct mail only when consent is obtained.

5. We may post your impressions and opinions on the site only if we get your consent.

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