Facial Treatment

THE PEARL SALON is an anti-aging facial salon specializing in troubled skin and aging skin that have been worried for a long time. We are particular about facial treatments that give results with optimal care by assessing the characteristics of the cosmetics we handle and the condition of the customer's skin.

For first-time customers.

We can offer all treatments at 10% off (or First-time visitor price). Counseling time will be about 30 minutes on first-visit day. Please come with plenty of time.

*Price includes tax.



f you are new to beauty treatment salons or do not know which course to choose, please try "PEARL FACIAL". We will carefully assess your skin condition through counseling and help you to be healthier and more beautiful than it is now.

[Skin and face problems]

Skin surface problems: pores, acne, redness, stiffness, dryness, dullness

Deep skin problems: spots, wrinkles, swelling, sagging, looseness

Facial   60mins   4,800yen

Double cleansing - Suction - Massage - Lymphatic vibration - Skin-specific mask - Skin conditioning

Double cleansing that suits your skin condition removes pore stains that cannot normally be removed. A hand massage improves blood circulation in the face, and lymphatic vibration is used to remove swelling and waste products. We will finish by giving nutritional ingredients to the skin with a skin-specific mask. 

Facial & Decollete 90mins    7,500yen 

Double cleansing - Suction - Massage - Lymphatic vibration - Iontophoresis - Skin-specific mask  - Skin conditioning

This course includes brush cleaning of the neck and décolletage and hand massage, and you can feel the effect for lifting and stiff shoulders. For double cleansing, you can also choose deep hydrogen pore cleaning (hydration splash) and diamond peeling. Iontophoresis deeply introduces whitening and sagging care ingredients.

Aging Care Special 120mins 11,000yen 

Double cleansing  - Suction -  Massage+Beauty Machine deep layer & muscle treatment  - Electroporation introduction  -  Skin-specific mask -  Skin conditioning

This course is recommended for those who have problems such as looseness, sagging, and stiffness of the face.  The treatment covers the neck and decollete. With the latest beauty equipment, it approaches the tissue cells and muscle layer inside the skin, lifts up from the deep layers of the face, and activates the cells. The electroporation introduces aging care ingredients, and the head massage relaxes the hardened head muscles, making the lift-up effect.




THE PEARL SALON  is Dr. Recella advisory doctor-affiliated salon.   A skin fitness counselor who is familiar with dermatology manages the skin condition of each customer and supports skin improvement.

ADS Skin Regeneration Program


This is a program to grow the skin from the depths of the skin, which has a track record of more than 70,000 improvement cases at Dr. Recella advisory doctor-affiliated salons nationwide. With the clients whoI want to solve long-standing skin problems, we aim to improve the skin conditioning.  Age doesn't matter to start using Dr. Recall products. It works at the cellular level by starting to use it. This program is especially recommended for customers who have age spots, wrinkles, and sagging on their face.

The clients who start this ADS program need to take counseling (free of charge) and a patch test before starting the program.

Dr. RECELLA Diamond Course

Special electro brush adsorbs and removes dirt deep in the pores followed by the devise with natural diamond particles gently and finely removes dead skin cells which promote normal skin turnover.  Stem cell culture serum, high-concentration vitamin C, etc. are introduced deep into the skin with electroporation, which has 20 times the penetrating power of iontophoresis, into the cleaned pores to tighten them. This is a course where you can experience the glossy, transparent and shiny skin at once.


Ultimate cleansing,   Special electro brush    Diamond peeling    Massage    Skin-specific beauty serum electroporation introduction,  

Skin-specific mask   Skin conditioning

90 mins 10,000yen 

Dr. Recella High Concentration Hydrogen Course

After "Oxidation of the skin" and "Dirt in the pores" are removed with high-concentration hydrogen, the active ingredient are penetrated to grow “skin.


Ultimate cleansing (double cleansing)     Hydrogen treatment     Foamed soap pack     Massage

Skin-specific beauty serum electroporation introduction     Skin-specific mask     Skin conditioning

100 mins 11,000yen

Herbal Sea Peeling

This is a treatment that promotes skin turnover.  The product are consisted with Okinawa deep sea water which contains abundant minerals and natural materials such as herbs that can be obtained from the earth.


Ultimate cleansing      Washing     Herbal sea introduction     Beauty serum introduction,     Soothing pack      Skin conditioning

120 mins First-time Visitor Price 15,000yen

Regular Price 30,000yen




In Israel known for its extremely high level of scientific research in medicine and its surrounding fields, Christina is a world-class brand that was founded in 1982 and has been a favorite in more than 60 countries for about 40 years. The Pearl Salon is one of the few official salons for Christina in Japan. Home care products and professional care that combine most innovative clinically recognized medicated cosmetic ingredients work on skin problems in the short and long term.


Rose De Mer is a powerful peeling extracted from a 100% natural marine plant. It supports for all ages and skin conditions ranging from mild damage such as reduced elasticity, sagging skin, fine wrinkles to more severe damages such as acne scars and hyperpigmentation to lead to health skin,  Featuring an innovative combination of marine plants rich in minerals, salts, trace elements, calcium, vitamins and algae, it regenerates, corrects and repairs skin cells for healthier skin internally and externally.

Suitable skin types: Aging, Winkles, Sgging, Acne, Keratosis

Action: Promotes blood circulation, Removal of excess dead skin cells, Immediate cell regeneration.

Cleansing      Peeling agent introduction     Soothing mask      Portection,     Cover cream application

70 mins First-time Visitor Price 15,000yen

Regular Price 22,000yen


BIOPHYTO is said to be a pharmacy in the forest. Herbal peel, which is a luxurious blend of plants, stimulates cells and immediately promotes skin regeneration. BIOPHYTO developed with using advanced technology, approaches sagging pores, open pores, sagging, rough skin, and dullness. It is a treatment that detoxifies with a refreshing feeling like being in the forest without peeling


Suitable skin types: Dryness, Sagging, Inflammation, Acne, Excess sebum, Open pores, Keratosis

Action: Normalization of blood circulation and sebum secretion


Cleansing      Refreshing     Gel application   Peeling agent application  Massage    Mask    Serum     Cream

90 mins First-time Visitor Price  9,000yen

Regular Price 13,200yen


ILLUSTRIOUS is a treatment for blemish and dry spots that has the meaning of "brilliant" and was developed to shine beautifully from both the inside and outside side of skin. This product is suitable for all skin types who want the brightness from the first use. ILLUSTRIOUS will approach existing blemish and lurking ones by introducing many whitening ingredients and high-concentration 30% vitamin C.

Suitable skin type: Blemish, Wrinkles, Dullness, Slack

Action: Strong brightness


Cleansing      Peeling Agent Application      Activator Application      Mask     Alge Mask    Serum     Cream

90 mins First-time Visitor Price   11,000yen

Regular Price 16,500yen


COMODEX is acne care series with many years of research results of Christina which is formulated to fit the mixed skin and the oil skin.  It has high evaluations with inflammatory acne care, redness, inflammatory care, pores, etc. Improvement of discoloration of odor by aging and elimination of acne marks are expected. Comodex is all natural ingredients with chemical free.


Cleansing     Scrubbing          Peeling Agent Application       Extra Care       Bright & Balance Solution          Mask         Cream

Suitable skin type: Acne, Acne marks, Sebum over-skin,  Sagging pores, skin, Cell regeneration

Reduction and removal of spiny. Redness reduction. Preventing bacterial growth and relief of acne symptoms.

90 mins First-time Visitor Price 7,700yen

Regular Price 11,000yen




WINBACK is effective for problems such as sagging skin, facial muscle stiffness, eyestrain, folding lines, double chin.  It activates skin cells and muscle cells in the deep part of the face, and makes also the face shiny and lustrous with a comprehensive anti-aging effect. It is also recommended for downtime care after liposuction. It will be a completely custom-made treatment content with tools and outputs according to your worries.

Small face effect



・ Tired eyes


・ Folding line

                 Cheek sagging

                 Double chin,


・ For smooth and firm skin

40mins (Facial, décolletage, neck) 5,400yen 

60mins (Facial, décolletage, neck) 7,800 yen

80mins (Facial, décolletage, neck) 10,000 yen

including Cleansing & Mask

<WINBACK Visceral cell activity> 1,800yen 20mins

In addition to the facial menu, visceral care can be possible. Immunity can be improved by raising the visceral temperature by 1 degree. A WINBACK sheet is attached to abdomen to approach to the kidneys, pancreas, small intestine, and large intestine to enhance visceral function and drain excess water (swelling) inside the cells. It is also recommended for slimming as it can increase visceral metabolism, which accounts for about 30% of basal metabolism.

Purchasing two sheets (3,000 yen) that can be used about 20 times is required for this treatment.


Special Care


VOS Salon Care


Natural Bio fine needle "Innospicule" that is at the forefront of needle beauty. Based on its original manufacturing method, 150,000 natural needles will continue to stimulate the skin without straining it. The beauty ingredient transmission system leads to fresh, firm, elastic, and White: Wrinkles, Sagging, Brighting, Moisturizing, Tighting, Pore shrinkage, Lift-up, Pigmentation, etc.

Black: Keratin, Acne, Acne scars, Sebum suppression, etc.

Cleansing    Washing    Skin conditioning    Implanting      Mask      Protection       Skin conditioning

40mins First-time Visitor Price 11,000yen

Regular Price 22,000yen

 + 1 bottle of serum, moisturizer, cream & balm for 3 days home care

(Addition) Hydro Deep Cleaning 3,000yen 

All-you-can-stain care course


This is a course for the stains. The fascia lift promotes blood circulation by caring for the muscles of the face, décolletage, and shoulders, and makes the skin condition where stains are easy to move. It is also effective for wrinkles and sagging.

Blemish care => Intensive care for spots with low-frequency, medium-frequency, and high-frequency blended waves. Turnover of stains is promoted.

Fascia lift => Two different wavelengths, shallow and deep, work on facial muscles to care for wrinkles and sagging while flushing stagnant waste products.

Electroporation => 20 times more penetrating power than iontophoresis. In addition, high molecular ingredients that were difficult to enter by iontophoresis are also delivered to the deep part of the skin by creating gaps between the cells of the skin with a special electric pulse. We use beauty ingredients that match your skin concerns.


Ultimate cleansing    Fascia lift (face, neck, shoulders)     High-concentration serum electroporation    Stain care     Skin conditioning

60mins 10,000yen