Body Treatment



The French-born radio frequency cell-training machine WINBACK, which is used by professional sports teams in Japan and overseas, not only warms the deep part of the body, but also enables cell activity that reaches the inside of the cells that make up the tissues of the body and rejuvenates the cells themselves. It is possible to perform all kinds of physical problems and body maintenance such as slimming, improving physical condition, and conditioning before and after sports. It is also recommended for downtime care after liposuction. It will be a completely custom-made treatment content with tools and power outputs according to your worries.

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・ Promotion of metabolism by increasing basal body temperature

・ Measures against metabolic syndrome by burning internal fat

・ Improves internal organ function and promotes excretion of waste products

・ Cold sensitivity, weakened immunity

・ Burn fat and cellulite care

・ Tightening sagging and promoting skin turnover

          Hip up

          Bust up

・ Stiffness, muscle fatigue

・ Care for female-specific symptoms such as menstrual pain and irregularities

          Stiff shoulders, back pain


・ Foot fatigue and swelling

・ Conditioning before and after sports

・ Contracture care after liposuction

60mins    7,800yen (tax included)

90mins   10,500yen (tax included)

120mins 13,000yen (tax included)

3D Hip Making


A flat hip becomes a three-dimensional hip just by sleeping.  The muscles of the buttocks that are difficult to train.   By causing strong and high-speed muscle contraction and strengthening muscles, muscle and fat are approached at the same time. We perform healthy beauty body making.

Coming soon

Additional menus for slimming, eliminating stiffness, and increasing muscle strength in other areas (abdomen, thighs, hips, back, etc.) are also available.

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Back Treatment


The back is a difficult part to care acne, acne scars and roughness, etc. by yourself.  The treatment will be decided according to the skin type and condition. It is also recommended as a care for those who plan to wear bridal or open-back dresses. The WINBACK treatment works on fat and muscles to create a beautiful backline.

Enzyme cleaning   Crystal or diamond peeling   Vitamin C electroporation introduction      Pack        Skin conditioning

60mins  8,000yen (tax included)

80mins 10,000yen (tax included) with WINBACK back treatment