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(May 18 updated) Availability

Updated: 11 hours ago

Thank you for visiting THE PEARL SALON. Here is the latest available slots for booking. Business hours: (Weekdays) 9:00-18:00(Weekends/ Holidays)9:00-16:00



5/30(木)9:00-12:00 17:00-18:00

6/5 (水)9:00-13:00

6/6 (木)○

6/7 (金)14:00-18:00

6/8 (土)○

6/9 (日)○

6/15(土) 12:00-16:00


Store Closed Days:5/20(月)5/26(日)6/3(月)6/10(月)〜6/13(木)

*Please contact by LINE or mail for reservation and any questions. If you prefer to call, please leave a message with your name. Will get back to you. Thank you.


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