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Leave it to THE PEARL SALON to boost your skin power.

Updated: Feb 3

One month has already passed this year. At the beginning of the year, you feel like trying new things and learning something for yourself.

Throughout last year, I was in charge of skin care for customers in a wide range of ages, from their 10's to their 80s, and I learned a lot from every case. I aim to help my customers'skin shine by understanding the characteristics of each person's skin and the changes in skin cells that occur with age, and by proposing skin care that is tailored to each person. This year as well, I will continue to work hard every day to bring out the beauty of my customers.

Spots you want to get rid of, wrinkles that are becoming more noticeable, loose lips & cheeks, noticeable pores, stubborn acne. I look forward to your visit with preparing the best proposals.

Hiroko Morikawa

Owner/ Esthetician


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